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Awning Cleaning, Maintenance & Repair NJ

Awning CLEANING New jersey

Awning Maintenance & Repair NJ

At Eco Awnings, we understand that your awnings and canopies may require some additional care to maximize their longevity. We assist numerous clients with seasonal maintenance and repairs, as well as off-season storage to ensure that you receive the maximum benefit for your investment.

Maintenance Services
Our Maintenance services are designed to extend the life of your awning or canvas product. Maintenance can be scheduled seasonally, and we encourage our customers take advantage of our seasonal maintenance special package deals available in the fall. 

Our Standard  NJ Awning Services Include:
Seasonal cleaning
Stain removal
End of season awning/canopy cover removal
Off-season awning storage

Repair Services
Whether you purchased your awning from Eco Awnings or from another company, we offer top quality repair services for all awning fabrication types. We understand that extending the life of your awning is often more cost-effective than total replacement, and we will work with you to try to find the best long-term solution for your awning repair need.

Our repair services include:
Seam tears and rip repairs
Structural repairs to aluminum and steel awnings
Recovering of existing structures with new canvas/fabric

Awning maintenance is vital to preserving your investment. Keeping up with a regular cleaning schedule can add years to your awnings.

Many people feel it is unnecessary, although most awning manufacturers require regular cleaning maintenance in their warranties. 
​We hear a lot of excuses:
​"I hosed it off last year. It should be good for a while."
"It just rained this week, so they look pretty clean."

Unfortunately, a simple rinse, whether by a hose or Mother Nature, can’t remove all the dirt and build up on your awnings and canopies caused by everyday pollution. Because of the condition of our environment, rain water can actually have an acidic affect on the fabric, trapping the dirt and grime, and eating away at the threads holding your awnings together. Mildew, bird droppings, care exhaust, and the salty ocean air all have detrimental effects to your fabric and add the need for cleaning.Replacing an awning will cost much more than what you would pay for an annual cleaning awning NJ service with Eco Awnings. Sunbrella recommends cleaning your awning at least once or twice a year.